Figguhlator Biography

Figguhlator Biography

Who is Figguhlator?

Frederick Bushau Boyd (born December 26, 1990) known professionally by the eponym "Figguhlator", is an American rapper born in Miami-Dade County, and raised in the city of Opa-Locka. Boyd found passion in music as an adolescent while working alongside a reputable local entertainment company, Master-Funk Express dj's of Deerfield Beach.

With music flowing through his veins at such an early age, boyd maintained and continuously crafted his devotions of being involved with music through High School, working part-time as an Interviewer for a family members Magazine Company. Boyd interviewed some of the souths biggest local Music Artist's such as Grind Mode, Choo Choo, Sgt. Styxz, Busta Free Slick.

Boyd became well known amongst his high school peers from his larger interview appearances with YMCMB label mate Brisco, and more up to date names such as Miami rapper BallGreezy and Saturday Night Live cast member Finesse Mitchell, who also appeared on multiple B.E.T shows including Comic View

The attention did not go unwarranted by Boca Raton Community High School Principal Geoff Mckee, who offered Frederick a paid position with the high school, hosting Pep-Rallys, Football Stadium Events and Fun Lunches which allowed boyd to play music during the school's 45 Minute lunch period. During one of those very Lunches, Boyd's friend informed him that he had just completed putting a studio together at his mothers house, and the light-bulb was Lit.

At age 18, Boyd's very first song was recorded in the Tool-Shed of his high school friends mothers home in Boca Raton Florida. It did not Top the Billboard charts unfortunately, but was followed up by an extensive Criminal History.

To only name a few, on July 31, 2009 Frederick and older brother Ronald Burgess were arrested by the Boca Raton Police Department for Buglary of an Occupied Dwelling with Assault or Battery, although charges were dismissed within 30 days for Ronald, the Palm Beach County State Attorney continued to file against boyd for his involvement, leaving him incarcerated for 207 days before being released the following year on February 22, 2010. One year later, Boyd reunited with his brother by moving to Worcester, Massachusetts. It was the first time they had seen one another since the arrest. While in Worcester, Boyd was somehow arrested again, on this occasion by Worcester Police Department on March 11, 2014, charged with D.T.P, disturbing the peace, fined $150; and interfering with a police officer, filed with a guilty finding, according to the official Telegram.Com website.

After quitting his job in October of 2015, he decided to leave Worcester for Atlanta and start a Music Career, in which he failed after 7 months, leading to another Bus ticket, but this time back to Boca Raton which would be the most memorable shift in his life. Boyd had turned to Drug dealing, an occupation that was showcased to be Lucrative by family and friend's. On March 30, 2016, the same occupation that was showcased as lucrative took the life of Atila Dearaujo, one of Boyd's closest friends who he accompanied, joked and laughed with less than 24 hours prior to his Murder.

This was enough for Frederick to flush the remainder of his Drugs down the toilet and realize that a Music Career may be the only thing that can save him from that same fate. Boyd purchased a plane ticket to Atlanta Georgia, and landed November 15, 2016 with little under three hundred dollars in his pocket. Boyd continued on up to the release of his debut Single, "Head Poppa". 

The independently released single drew in nearly 20k views on his YouTube Channel in March of 2018, giving the young MC the official Green Light to persue a never promising musical career. With the help of his catchy choruses, forward thinking verses and repeated sidewalk talk, his music is at the Breaking Point and will soon land him the Polishing Guidance needed to reach the Top Billboards.

In September of 2018 Figguhlator announced the start of his very own Record Distribution Enterprise "Rich Young Man Records".

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